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Quick compressed air forming
Air cylinders for sealing
PLC/7” Touch screen control
Touch control panel, with user-friendly interface
Cross cut guillotine (1)
Rotating knives (1 set)
Servo motor for chain
5/8” Stainless steel conveyor chain
Roller discharge
Water cooled tooling
Dedicated top and bottom vacuum valves
Protection guard with electronic interlock system
Stainless steel adjustable legs
Busch 63m3/hr pump
Film core: Ø75mm
Top film width: 404(+1,-0)mm
Bottom film width: 422(+2,-0)mm
Film index: 240mm
3 loading stations
Max. forming depth: 80mm
Machine size: 2583 X 1087 X 1725mm
2 independent tool lifting stations
Easy changeover of sealing plates
Welded, stainless steel frame
Stainless steel loading area
Min. bottom film thickness: 150um

Master die forming size: 224 X 382mm


Trim Rewinder
Auto chain lubricating system
Perimeter sealing
Printing system
Multiple supply voltage
Film index 300mm with 2 loading stations
Motorized exit conveyor
Water cooling chiller
Photo cell for pre-printed film

※Products need to be qualified before suggesting machines and options.

Air, power, and cooling water requirement:

Compressed air: 95 PSI @ 45L per cycle*
Cooling water: 9600 BTU/HR, 30L/min @40 psi (2.8kg/cm2)
Power: 220V/3PH/60HZ/35A

PRS 420 Economy