Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machines

Compact Single Chamber Floor Models SC420/520

The Promarks SC series of vacuum chamber machines were designed to fit needs that other machines cannot. Our SC-420LR and 520LR are built with the same compact footprint as the popular TC-420LR and 520LR but offer users the opportunity to move these machines easily, taking them where they are needed on the work floor.

The most valuable benefit of these floor model versions is their increased portability. Equipped with heavy duty casters, these machines can be rolled from room to room without the need for heavy lifting or usable table space. The ideal machines for small processors, retailers, restaurants, and laboratories, these machines can be installed virtually anywhere with a standard 110-volt outlet. Like everything Promarks builds, quality and affordability are carefully balanced in order to appeal to our customers.

All of our chamber machines are constructed of high-quality # 304 stainless steel that results in our machines looking better longer and meeting demanding NSF sanitary specifications. With the option of basic digital or fully programmable controls, you can decide what will best suit your needs. The removable seal bars can be fitted with your choice of a single 6mm wide seal, or you can opt for a thinner seal with hot wire cut-off if a trim look is what you are seeking. These units can also be set up to provide twin bean sealing.

We understand that Busch vacuum pumps are the standard in our industry and are standard in all Promarksvac compact single chamber floor models. All Promarks machines are guaranteed to meet the standards of ETL, UL and NSF.

We know what our customers want and that is why we have created a line of equipment that meets the quality standards of our European competitors while remaining cost-conscious. See for yourself what thousands of others have known for years and choose Promarks for your future vacuum packaging needs.

Industrial Single Chamber Floor Models SC680/800

Promarks manufactures a complete line of single-chamber floor-model vacuum chamber machines that range in size from dual 16 1/2” seal bars up to 26”. Our 220-volt series of single chamber machines feature a 100 percent stainless steel frame and lid. Both models come equipped with dual seal bars located in the lid with a flat deck design. Removable cushion bars and filler boards allow for quick and easy cleaning of the deck surface. Our “industrial” series chamber machines are built to withstand the harsh conditions that exist in many facilities. Fitted with a fully enclosed electrical box and the optional PNC-01 water-resistant control panel, these machines can withstand the effects of overspray during clean up.

Busch vacuum pumps come standard in our machines with the option of upgrading to a larger capacity vacuum pump, if you choose, in order to save time during the vacuum cycle. Choose between the standard 6mm wide seal wire or opt for the narrower seal with hot wire cut-off option at no extra charge. By selecting optional features such as gas flush, top and bottom seal or lid height, our machines can be built to fit any need.

All machines created by Promarks meet the same high quality standards.All Promarksvac chamber vacuum sealing machines are guaranteed to meet the standards of ETL, UL and NSF. No matter what your industrial packaging or vacuum-sealing needs, you know that when you deal with Promarks you are going to get quality machinery that meets and exceeds all industry standards and offers you a variety of options when it comes to your packaging needs. We can also customize machines to meet your specific size and width requirements.

Visit us at Promarks to learn more about how we can help you choose or develop the perfect packaging solutions for your business, no matter what you do.